Cheap Car Insurance With No Deposit: The Benefits

Cheap Car Insurance With No Deposit – Why it rocks

While it’s easy to see why not having to pay a deposit would be a favourable aspect of a car insurance policy for many. There are people (like my parents, who vehemently refuse to pay anything at all in instalments if possible) who look down upon anything that is suspiciously affordable.

But is it really so terrible? Under some circumstances, a cheap no deposit car insurance policy is a godsend. And here are three of the benefits.

They are easier on your finances

I know I never have enough money to throw huge sums of it away on car insurance deposits. And I can’t be the only one. If you also find yourself living month to month, no deposit policies can mean the difference between driving to work and being rape murdered on the side of the road after trying to hitchhike your way there.

They are easier on your mental health

It’s much less anxiety-inducing to slowly slide chunks of money out of your bank account on a month by month basis than it is to abruptly wave goodbye to a huge chunk of it in one go. Take it from the girl who just shelled out over $1000 for travel insurance for the first time ever. It’s like you’re paying less. Even if you’re really not.

They are less of a commitment

Often policies that don’t require a deposit are renewable more quickly than those that do. So if like me, you’re a commitment-phobe who thinks the grass is always greener, you’ll be free to look elsewhere sooner.

It might be cheaper overall to take out insurance with a deposit. But cheap car insurance with no deposit plays a valuable role. And for some, it is the best (and possibly the only) choice available. Also if you’re looking for no deposit car insurance I recommend this site: