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Latino’s Traveling to Brazil For Medical Work

An interesting trend I’m hearing from my friends in South America is that more and more people are going to Brazil to get medical work done. Something which initially surprised me. Cuban doctors are all around South America, and are very skilled, and work for a very fair wage.

So I was surprised to hear Brazil is rising as a Medical tourist location. From what I’ve heard from friends and colleagues it seems to Brazil is catering to a much higher income bracket of “medical tourists”. Luxury hotel/ hospitals are being built like Hospital Copa Star which cater to more financially well off clientele.

Many of the people visiting the hospital are American’s who can get medical work done for half the cost they could back home, and get much better accommodations and service for their money.

Also a trip to Brazil!

Even though from what I hear Americans are the biggest medical tourists, there’s lots of people from South America going to brazil to get work done as well.

Which doesn’t surprise me too much. People with the means will always pick luxury given the option. While medical outcomes may be good in South America, it’s probably nowhere as luxurious as some of these new Hospitals being built in Brazil.