How I Trick People Into Thinking I’m Rich – Hint I use loans!

I have a secret that I’ve been keeping from everyone I know. The secret is. I don’t actually have a lot of money. Shock horror!

If anyone that knows me is reading this. Then I’m sorry. But I’ve never claimed to be made of money. I can only assume my carefree (or careless more like) lifestyle has fooled you.

My deception was completely accidental. But if you want to be like me and trick people into thinking you’re rich then I guess these are the things that work.

Because we all know that wealth and looking like you have it, is all that matters in this world right?

First, I like to refuse to budget for anything. If I’m going out to dinner why would I order something I don’t want just because ‘I can afford it’. No, if I want the most expensive dish on the menu, then that’s exactly what I’ll have.

Next, I never ever turn any opportunity down because it’s too expensive. I say yes to everything and then find a way to pay for it later.

I travel a lot. Like all the time. I spend a maximum of 1 month a year in my home country. People think that travelling is expensive so they automatically assume I must be minted based on this alone. It doesn’t matter if I eat 1 dollar meals from the street and stay in 2 dollar a night hostels. Simply by not being at home, I’m rich.

Finally. When it all gets too much and I feel the crippling weight of debt upon my shoulders. I like to go to the loans companies near me. Not just one. All of the loans places near me. And borrow as much as I possibly can to avoid becoming homeless.

Do all of these things, and voilà. Everyone will think you’re the next Richard Branson, but he probably doesn’t have to use